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As of the updating of this page,
I have the following engines, rolling stock, accessories and transformers/electrical equipment for sale.

[Prices shown are based on Greenberg's 2006 Pocket Price Guide]

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Mfg Gauge Cat # Description Cond Box Price
Lionel"O-27"1487Broadway Limited SetC-8P-8See Note
Lionel"O-27"9510Combo Car - PRRC-8P-8See Note
Lionel"O-27"9513Pullman - PRR - "Penn Square"C-8P-8See Note
Lionel"O-27"9514Pullman - PRR - "Times Square"C-8P-8See Note
Lionel"O-27"9515Pullman - PRR - "Washington Circle"C-8P-8See Note
Lionel"O-27"9521Baggage - PRRC-8P-8See Note
Lionel"O-27"19002Diner - PRRC-9P-9See Note

Track and Transformer in Original Set Box never used.
Sold as one lot only...a real find for someone interested in PRR models.....$575.00+UPS

Mfg Gauge Cat # Description Cond Box Price
MTH/Weaver"O"NNMilwaukee Road "Hiawatha" (4-6-4) w/Proto (1995)C-7P-9$875.00
Lionel/Fund"O-27"8471Pennsylvania NW-2 SwitcherC-7P-7$250.00
MTH/Weaver"O"NNPennsylvania GG-1 (Green/Scale) w/Proto (1991)C-5P-7$450.00

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